How to Be Smarter About Building Maintenance in 2017

Building maintenance is more complex now that it ever used to be. At one time a caretaker would be responsible for all the hidden jobs around a business and its premises. As time has moved on so has the complexity of building maintenance. With an increasing amount of technology to maintain and compliance laws to adhere to building maintenance is a huge responsibility.

To help you we’ve put together some ways in which to be smarter about managing your building maintenance.

Identify your responsibilities

There are many areas to consider, not only general building maintenance such as keeping the building and its surroundings clean and in good repair but also making sure you know what you are legally responsible for.  Whilst this is not an exhaustive list you will want to consider the following:

Electrical systems: You must do everything ‘reasonably practicable’ to ensure your employees and site visitors are not put at risk by faulty fixed wiring.  

Fire Safety All commercial premises need to comply with fire safety regulations which require them to minimise the risk in workplaces, carry out assessments and put precautions in place.

 Emergency lighting is used in an emergency when mains power is lost and normal lighting fails. Emergency escape lighting is part of a building’s fire safety system and is a requirement.

Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance which is the responsibility of the business owner or manager.

Pests can cause contamination and put your employees’ and consumers’ health at risk and failure to manage an infestation can harm your reputation and ruin property and in the worst case, lead to prosecution.

Legionella is a risk which all employers and landlords are obliged to regularly assess and to take action to limit this risk.

Gas safety should form part of every company's risk assessment and may require you to call in a suitable professional to carry out checks on gas appliances and supplies in your building.

Create a plan of action

Creating a plan of action to include all your responsibilities and when they need to be carried out will make maintenance much simpler. It will also make budgeting easier when you know what’s coming up.

Keep records of your assessments and actions

It is vital to keep thorough records including risk assessments, reports and details of repairs as well as any changes within your business. Not only will this make managing your building maintenance easier but if something does go wrong you will be able to prove you’ve met the necessary legal requirements.

Get help if you need it

If you need help with your building maintenance Orchard Facilities Management takes on the role of the modern caretaker for businesses of all types and sizes. We have in-house experts who can deal with everything from keeping your paths clear to scheduling and carrying out regular maintenance and testing of equipment and systems to make you compliant.