Waste Services for Schools

Orchard Facilities Management has a long history of working with schools to streamline their operations, particularly in relation to implementing efficient waste management and recycling practices.

Increasing pressure on public sector finances has led to many institutions seeking independent advice on reducing  overheads and waste is one area where significant savings can be made through the introduction of efficiencies.

A number of schools, colleges and public sector bodies work with Orchard Facilities Management to streamline waste and recycling services. Handing over the management of waste to us means that we can negotiate the best deals through our network of suppliers and advise on segregation of waste and recycling opportunities, which can often generate revenue streams.

Appleton Academy and Brighouse High School are just two examples of state-run schools that have engaged Orchard to provide their waste services. In addition to reducing overheads through the introduction of strategic waste management processes, the fact that Orchard provides a single point of contact for all their waste services has dramatically reduced the administration time needed to deal with collections and compliance.

The private sector is increasingly being called upon to provide solutions to public sector overheads and Orchard expects to expand its work in this area to help organisations find an alternative supplier or waste management solution to drive down costs.